Tank waterproofing

Tank waterproofing

Technological progress today offers leak proofing solutions applicable to any type of water storage tanks using EPDM or Butyl geo-membrane. Both synthetic materials have very good and similar specifications in terms of flexibility, being the ideal product for such applications.

Butyl rubber and EPDM provide a perfect seal. Their thight molecular structure offers a high resistance even to vapor transfer.

Resistance to weather conditions

Due to the fact that both Butyl rubber and EPDM do not contain plastifiants and additives that could evaporate or leak in time, the resistance of the to materials to weather conditions is excellent. Mechanical resistance and elasticity stay the same for many years regardless the sun exposure and UV radiations.

Temperature range

Temperatures between -30°C and +120°C (+60°C max. for longer periods of time), will not affect the Butyl rubber nor the EPDM. If water is stored at temperatures higher than those of the surrounding environment, we recommend as a safety measure to contact us in order to provide you with a full set of recommendations.


Leak proof characteristics of the two materials will not be affected by elongations of up to 300%.


Puncture and tear resistance should also be considered for the two materials. If the surface of the concrete foundation has small cracks or irregularities, the liner will adapt to the geometry of the surface without any problem.

The geotextile layer is a special polyesther material, placed between the tank shell and the liner, or between the concrete foundation and the liner, that provides extra protection against punctures. Very sharp edges of tools can deteriorate the liner. That is why we highly recommend as a safety measure, that, during any maintenance or service intervention, shoes with soft rubber soles should be worn.

Water treatment & Chemical resistance

The two products are resistant to the chemical action of sanitary cleaning products.

Fast and easy repair

In the unlikely case of a liner puncture, this can be easily fixed. The process is fast and does not involve expensive procedures. The works are done by specialized personnel only, on the spot, taking into account all the recommendations issued by the producer of the material.

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