The tank range supplied by GENMOD SERV® includes: modular metallic aboveground tanks (cylindrical and rectangular) made of galvanized steel, glass fused to steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The tanks can be used for storing: potable water / water for fire fighting / agriculture / irrigation / industrial processes.

Cylindrical metallic tanks

Cylindrical metallic tanks are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, glass fused to steel or aluminum. The extensive range of materials provides our clients affordable solutions regarding the cost of the project, without compromising project-related optionals. (applicable for each specialized field: potable water, fire protection and irrigation.

Rectangular metallic tanks

Having an outstanding reputation for their high level of quality and the minimal need for maintenance works, the rectangular metallic tanks can also receive thermal insulation. Net volume range: from 1 CBM to 1000 CBM.

Glass fused to steel tanks

Standard water and used water storage are the main applications for glass fused to steel tanks.

Tanks accessories

galvanized steel panels;liner – EPDM or Butyl; side access manway DN600 / DN800; immersed heater – with or without automation panel; top hatch; access ladder made of aluminum or galvanized steel, with protection cage and platform;