Tanks maintenance and service works

Tanks maintenance and service works

Beside the availability to install and set up water tanks worldwide, GENMOD SERV® also provides the following services: inspection, maintenance, rehabilitation and repairs. It is essential that any system that contains water storage tanks must be run with care and regularly inspected, in order to maintain the desired output level.

GENMOD SERV® comes to your support by providing proper inspection and maintenance services. This way, the water plant or plant sub-system stays is kept in working conditions, regardless the tank type or brand.

Maintenance and service works benefit from the support our engineers. In addition, they provide counseling for existing equipments and devices. Upgrade plans of existing facilities are created in respect to national and international standards are met.

GENMOD SERV® specialists respect national and international standards, offering precise analysis and design support for the full range of tank upgrades.

Take good care of your tanks and always make sure that your specific maintenance plan is respected. Small problems can worsen. Do not hesitate to contact our team for further details.

GENMOD SERV List of Services:

  • Tank inspection / Technical report
  • Tank wash / Disinfection
  • Tank rehabilitation
  • Tank overhaul (inside & outside)
  • Adding additional parts / accessories (level sensors, temperature indicators, SCADA systems, alarms, lateral access – manway, various pipe connections)
  • Replacing various parts (liner, immersed heater, pipe connections, stell panels, roof panels, etc.)

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