Cylindrical metallic tanks

Cylindrical metallic tanks

Cylindrical metallic tanks are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, glass fused to steel or aluminum. The extensive range of materials provides our clients affordable solutions regarding the cost of the project, without compromising project-related optionals. (applicable for each specialized field: potable water, fire protection and irrigation.

The Advantages of Cylindrical Metallic Bolted Tanks

  • By bolting the panels that compose the tank shell, expensive operations such as welding are eliminated. Oversized concrete foundations also become redundant.
  • The latest installation technology is the use of hydraulic jacks. This is how the time needed for the tank installation process is significantly reduced to only a few days. This method allows a small team made of two to four workers to have outstanding results, without any kind of risk related to working at height.
  • Cylindrical tank kits are packed on pallets, in order to reduce the needed cubic capacity and also the cost of transport.
  • Tanks can be easily relocated and their capacity can be increased with minimal costs.

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